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4 bottles

Flute is the only system in the world to offer sparkling wines by the glass preserving their perlage, flavour, and taste. With its attractive design and patented technology this is the new way to serve “bubbles by the glass”.

Main Specifications


• Temperature: Refrigerated

• Gas supply: Food-grade argon gas

• Servings: 1 or 3 programmable .

• Materials: stainless steel, prepainted steel, glass, aluminium.

• Lighting:  intelligent LED system 

• Bottle display: each device has its own LCD graphic colour display TFT 3.5” interactive with touch screen keyboard to manage the functions of the dispense 



model                      L                              H                           D                                 weight                   electrical requirements

eno one 2R          276 mm (10.9″)       597 mm (23.5″)    351 mm (18.9″)        12kg (26 lbs)        100-240 V | 50-60 Hz | 25 W

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