4 bottles

 NorthPole is the new way of drinking vodka and spirits cold without using ice or chilled glassware. its powerful cooling system is able to keep bottles at a very low temperature and therefore to serve spirits cold with controlled and top quality service. customization option for front panel

Main Specifications


• Refrigerated

• Activation: Back desk or wine card

• Gas Supply: air with internal compressor

• Servings: 3 voulmes

• Materials:Materials: stainless steel with black lexan silk screen front panel. Customization options for front panel (digital print can be positioned underneath the lexan)

• Lighting: LED.



model                      L                              H                           D                                 weight                   electrical requirements

enoliving  ref          243 mm (9.6″)       584 mm (23″)      277 mm (10.91″)      15 kg (33lbs)        100-240 V | 50-60 Hz | 25 W